Dividendhike.com offers investors free dividend news updates, dividend statistics and historical dividend data for US equities. After many years of research, collecting data and building and improving the website, dividendhike.com finally went live in 2020. Dividendhike.com is primarily aimed to inform avid dividend investors on a daily basis with statistics, historical data and news updates. Best of all, this website can be visited completely free of charge!

Dividendhike.com generates its income through the advertisements that are placed on the website. If you are interested in advertising, please contact us.

Right now we are waiting for Google to allow us to display ads on the website. This means many blank spots and empty spaces and missing news and data. We have no choice but to leave it like this for now in order to preserve cash and not spend more money to redesign and change the website again. Please be patient because we do want to offer you a better website, however we can't do this right now because of things that we can not control, such as ads not being displayed and the difficulty currently to adjust the website quickly because of external technical issues and financial consequences involved with fixing and changing things again.