Colgate-Palmolive announced a 2.3 percent dividend hike on March 11, 2020 ©
Colgate-Palmolive announced a 2.3 percent dividend hike on March 11, 2020 ©

The coronacrisis keeps hitting stocks hard, with even many of the best dividend payers down by double digits YTD. Last Friday Boeing announced that it will suspend its quarterly dividend, ending nine consecutive years of dividend increases and also ending a great dividend history with payments made every year since 1942.

The good thing is that many other stocks with a great dividend track record recently announced dividend increases. We look at the ten latest Dividend Aristocrats that announced a dividend hike in 2020. A Dividend Aristocrat has raised its dividend for at least 25 consecutive years.

Toothpaste and shampoo maker Colgate-Palmolive (CL) was the latest Aristocrat to announce a dividend hike in 2020. On March 11 Colgate hiked its quarterly dividend by 2.3 percent, marking 57 consecutive years of dividend increases. Colgate has paid a dividend every year to shareholders since 1895.

Other Aristocrats announcing a dividend hike recently are General Dynamics, Ross Stores, Albemarle, Essex Property Trust, Coca-Cola, Sherwin-Williams, Genuine Parts Co, Walmart and T. Rowe Price.

Paint maker Sherwin-Williams hiked its dividend by 18.6 percent on February 19, 2020, leading all other Aristocrats. Walmart (WMT) hiked its dividend by only 1.9 percent but is the best performing stock so far during the ongoing coronacrisis.

The highest yielding Aristocrat to announce a dividend hike since February 12 is Genuine Parts Co, followed by Coca-Cola and Essex Property Trust. The worst performing Aristocrat of these ten stocks is also Genuine Parts with a stock price drop of 45.1 percent as of March 20, 2020.

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Ex-date Ticker Yield YTD hike
Aug 16 PCAR 1.6% 0.0%
Aug 16 ED 3.3% 1.9%
Aug 16 TGT 2.8% 20.0%
Aug 17 LH 1.2% 0.0%
Aug 17 CNP 2.4% 0.0%
Aug 17 MSFT 1.0% 0.0%
Aug 17 PSX 4.5% 5.4%
Aug 17 NLSN 1.0% 0.0%
Aug 18 WBA 4.9% 0.5%
Aug 18 SHW 0.9% 9.1%